What have we been up to…

Well, what a year, do I need to say more?! I could say all those words we’ve heard relentlessly over the last 6 months (6 MONTHS) – unprecedented, extraordinary, strange, crazy, new normal etc etc…but I won’t…apart from just then! I’m going to focus on our plans for the future and tell you about what we got up to during lockdown.

We managed to have a wonderful Mother’s day, so many people wanting to send flowers out as people began shielding…Pete the delivery was out about with hand sanitiser and gloves.

We then sat down that evening, exhausted, to watch the news…lockdown was officially announced. We were concerned, we had a busy wedding season this summer, we didn’t know what would happen with flowers, would we be able to continue working, would the weddings stay with us?!

Flower deliveries stopped initially, but we could still source compost and seeds…that was the way to go we decided, give people what they need; enquiries for bedding plants then started coming in, it was still so early but with the beautiful weather we were having, people were enthusiastic to get out there planting, so our back garden turned into a garden centre, such a lovely sight to see, although quite tiring bringing everything in and out every day but hey…we couldn’t do anything else!!

Peel St Garden Centre

Flower deliveries resumed and we did contactless deliveries, people were desperate to send out messages of hope and love to their family and friends, people celebrating birthdays, births, anniversaries or just wanting to let people know they were in their thoughts. We also had funerals and sympathy flowers, a time when you need people around you the most and you weren’t allowed them. It was so important to us that we could provide these services for people, as they said their last goodbye or to show their thoughts were with people in need.

And then it was over…ish….

We’ve had a few determined couples who were adamant they were getting married, social distancing or not and they have made us excited for 2021 and all the love that will be on display, with the majority of weddings re-scheduled from 2020 to 2021 our dates are slightly limited so get in touch if you’re considering us as your florist…we’d love to have you! A couple of snapshots from this year below…just to give you a taster!

We have some new gifts in and we’re always on the look out for more exciting stock. We bought in more of our Wild Olive products, including face masks and shower smoothies and we also sourced a range of vegan lip balms…then I went a bit mad and got some different soaps (vegan) and lip balms (not vegan) in as I just LOVE the packaging so much! All British made, no plastic packaging and all made from lovely natural ingredients.

The event at the end of the year…C*****mas is on our minds and we’ve got plenty of stock ideas, including a small children’s range of gifts coming in. We’re not sure about the wreath and table arrangement classes as yet, it’s still so early to know but rest assured we’ll be doing everything we can to get you crafting somehow, someway!

In the thick of it…

Here we are with another blog post from the lovely village of Marsden. Mother’s day seems like a distant memory and we now seem to be zooming our way into the thick of the wedding season. So far I haven’t shone any light on the subject so am dedicating this post to all things wedding related. ‘ding dong the bells are going to chime’

We’ve had a real mixture so far this year, with the beautifulness of vintage pinks/lilacs and creams still in abundance there also seems to be a different trend creeping it’s way in through my door and wedding folder…COLOUR…in all shapes and sizes.

The busiest weekend of the year so far came at the Easter Holiday, three weddings over the weekend and what different styles for each one!

Jemma and Mark at the glorious Crow Hill wanted colour…’just lots and lots of colour…’ We discussed various centrepieces that would go with this modern look and decided on three different styles. The carnation balls were something that drew their eye when they first saw me at the wedding fair, the candelabras created some height in the marquee and goldfish bowls to finish off. LOVED every minute of this.

IMG_2786 IMG_2767 IMG_2773 IMG_2769

Next up we had Jane and Jonathan at the Mechanics Hall just down the road, a fabulous local building to decorate and dress as you please. Jane wanted pale pastel colours, a very delicate look, mood boards were sent over, bunting was lovingly crafted and the final result was gorgeous.

Jane&JonWedding-1-34Jane&JonWedding-1-158  Jane&JonWedding-1-20 InstagramCapture_f3bfa717-d9bd-4b7f-a70c-4ea27524cdcd

Finally, Emma and Tom at Durker Roods hotel. Emma came to me wanting something really natural and rustic which is unusual in the style so therefore quite exciting.  We discussed using wheat for the centrepieces but eventually decided on simple jam jars with mixtures of gypsophila and limonium (that’s purple fluffy stuff to you)!

11198429_10155554138805235_2060155443_n 11173562_10155554138820235_1357962183_n 11195432_10155554138015235_212977837_n

Last week…

Well, last week was a busy one and of course in the midst of the madness I decided to start making a real effort to do the blog even if only for my own entertainment! So, here we have last week in pictures and my ramblings…

Monday – A local business wanted some arrangements for a event they had at their premises. Modern, whites and greens, fresh was the brief, we used Anthuriums, Gladioli to give height and white Roses to give a classic look, plus a few brassica (that’s ornamental cabbages to you). Three arrangements later…IMG_2443



IMG_2440 IMG_2445  Wednesday saw us going a bit wedding mad, brides and enquiries coming in left right and occasionally centre, 2015 is booking up already, which is FAB!! We’ve also been doing lots of ordering for, shall we say, ‘seasonal’ stock which is very exciting, like shopping but on a big scale, lots of glittery gorgeousness and some really lovely scented candles will be in stock soon.

Plant deliveries and re-arranging the shelves in the shop took up a couple of days, dusting, changing round, etc… We’ve gone for a more natural look as well as displaying some of our glassware (yes, we do sell the vases, we just like to make them look nice whilst they are in the shop). IMG_2446

Alocasia Polly, one of my FAVORITE plants, so interesting looking, thinking he may be a contender for the Halloween window!! 🙂

And of course bouquets, the daily delight of making up bouquets for the lovely customers who come in, phone up or occasionally shout through the door 🙂

Until next week… x