Lily Blossom is run by me, Roxanne and my partner Pete. I’ve worked in the flower industry for nearly 10 years now, in Manchester, Cheshire and now own my own shop in the lovely village of Marsden, Huddersfield.

I love flowers, always have, the amount of floral patterns in my wardrobe and my home should have made me realise what my career should be a lot sooner than I did.

This is my attempt at a blog, a bit like a diary but about the shop so unfortunately no dirt dishing will be done on here…well maybe just a little!!

I’ll keep you updated with the goings on in a village florist, any exciting events, weddings we do, our shop window designs ( I think I’ve started to believe my window displays are as important as Harrods but hey, if it keeps you entertained)!

We love using British flowers and source them as often as possible, especially in the Spring and Summer so we’ll be posting plenty of pictures of them for you.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

We recycle everything where possible, including our foliage and old flowers, cellophane and cardboard. Our aim is that every bouquet or gift can be either recycled, re-used or composted.