Mother’s Day Inspiration

So, I’m just going to get down to it…Mother’s Day inspiration…

Call us on 01484-844-472 to order or use the Direct2Florist website to order with us online.

We have a range of bouquets available for order or collection – prices start from £12.00 in the shop –  How about a spring mixture of Tulips and Narcissi – a promise that the snow and ice have to leave us alone at some point or a bright bunch of mixed gerbera, perhaps a promise of summer?!


We can cater to any colour scheme you desire – red and yellow and pink and green, orange and…you get the picture. Bouquets start from £20.00 and from there you can spend however much you like, we’ll have a range of different styles and prices but if there is something specific then just get in touch and give us the lowdown.


We aim for all deliveries to be done by 12.00 on Mothering Sunday.

We have plants a-plenty in too, orchids, hyacinth planters, peace lilies, cyclamen, narcissi in cups, coffee plants in coffee cups, funky succulents in dazzling gold pots…honestly, we go ALL OUT!! 🙂 Just a little sneak peek below.