A little insight…

We were recently sent a little interview questionnaire to fill in for a new floristry magazine, and I thought as I’ve not done a blog post for ages, I’d post the answers here for you all to have a little read! I decided to include Pete too…because he is a big part of the business…even if he’s not as vocal as I am….and refuses to have his picture taken!! 🙂



1. What time does your alarm go off?                                                                                    

Rox – Around 8.15 but it can be as early as 5.00 on a wedding day.                                         Pete – The same time as Rox although she sometimes lets me have another hour on a wedding day.

2. Name one person in the flower industry you’d love to meet

Rox – I like to meet anyone who is involved in the flower industry, working on my own can be quite lonely sometimes so as soon as I meet a fellow florist it’s none stop chat!!       Pete – I’d really like to go to Tatton Park next year, I ‘ve got into gardening more this year so it would be interesting to see what’s there.

3. Tell us something that would surprise people about you
Rox – We never have fresh flowers in the house – well, we live above the shop so technically we do…but they very rarely make it up the stairs!
Pete – I enjoy doing floral funeral tributes – letters or special designs – we’ve done a motorbike, a golf club, a Pheasant to name a few.
4. Name a guilty pleasure
Rox – Having my nails painted, I’m so used to having shabby hands that I take great pleasure in them when they’ve got a bit of polish on!
Pete – Killing zombies on the computer and listening to 80’s music whilst working.
5. If you weren’t a florist what would you do?
Rox – I’d love to be a window dresser.
Pete – I’d love to do up camper vans – especially VWs.
6. Name the flower you like the least
Rox – I’m not a massive fan of lisianthus
Pete – I’m not a fan of Veronica or Tulips
7. Rainbow roses: yes or yuck?
Rox – YUCK!
Pete – Yuck!
8. What trends do you see facing the industry?
Rox – I think people are starting to go slightly over to more modern look again, instead of the DIY ‘vintage’ look. ‘Elegance’ and ‘opulent’ are a few ‘buzz’ words I’ve heard when discussing 2018/19 weddings!
Pete – People seem to really like wild flower styles at the moment.
9. Name a trend you think is best left in the past
Rox – I love the whole ‘vintage’ look but I’m losing sight of what it means anymore, it’s used so often for so many different looks. I’d love to stop using foam, purely on an environmental stance, but that just ain’t going to happen!
Pete – ‘Vintage’.
Rox – Pete obviously isn’t a fan!
10. Best moment of your career so far?
Rox – Getting our shop and EVERY single time someone contacts me after we’ve done some flowers, to say thank you, whether it’s their wedding day, a family funeral or just someone who needed cheering up, it’s such a pleasure knowing you’ve helped make someones day that bit more special.
Pete – Realising for the first time I was capable of running the shop on my own (even though it was very stressful) and being able to do a bouquet that Roxanne didn’t have something bad to say about it (a rarity)!